When nothing is sure everything is possible

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Hello world,

Every day is a fresh new start. But there is no better time than New Year to reset our lives and be reflecting on our goals or intentions, because life is one huge journey.

A life reset is effective because it serves as a powerful reminder: that we are in charge of our lives, and we can determine the course that we are taking.

Resetting routine that could improve our wellbeing in the new year:

  1. Let go of narratives that no longer serve us

It could be in the form of objects, people, emotions or fears. These narratives that we tell ourselves play a huge role in how we think and move through the world. We attach ourselves to certain narratives because of our backgrounds, memories, and experiences. Instead, I believe that being open to the unknown and taking risks is the only way for us to experience great things in the future. Because ¨the only failure is not trying¨. Some of us had to learn to heal and accept new realities, to live life to the fullest. But whatever is uncomfortable at the beginning will become comfortable later, and there is nothing truer than the saying that time changes the perception of things. And what we live shapes us.

2. Be generous (and expecting nothing in return)

I am very grateful for the year that has ended. Especially for introducing me to so many lovely people, beginning with friends, my co-workers and continuing with collaborators and customers from over 50 countries.  It was an amazing experience that has grown my cultural capital because, as an extrovert, I love human interaction. Working in international business development, I realized that if we don’t understand people, we don’t understand business (no matter the industry). And probably the easiest way to feel fulfilled at work (and not only) is when we do something for someone else. Altruism seems like a noble intention for a spectacular year ahead.

3. Set one-word/ phrase intentions

I usually start every year, like many of us, by setting big, lofty goals. But this year I decided not to. Instead, I decided to choose one phrase to set my intentions this year: to seek the highest return on my time. This will be my guiding principle for how I want to show up in the world, my internal compass when I come across different challenges and situations throughout the year.

So, we could choose either goals for personal growth, or intentions for ¨2023 to be list¨. We do not know what is coming our way, but setting our intentions in the right place could help us position ourselves to receive the best that is yet to come.

4. Design a purposeful environment

¨ Environment is the invisible hand that shapes human behavior¨ (James Clear)

Where we live is probably the most important decision we will ever make in life. Geography determines culture, the people we love and friends we share life with, the business opportunities we will follow and the food we will eat (that will determine our health and well-being).

As this environment can lead to changing a habit or creating a new one, we can use it to design a better life. It is important to seek out the best in the places where we spend our days but remembering that each of us sees things and people through our own glasses (not as they are). And our world is what we make it.

5. Focus on creating systems (to move in the direction of our goals)

Last year I managed to create some new habits (called systems in James Clear’s book, –¨Atomic Habits¨). I intend to continue these small habits and steps that have helped me achieve larger goals without overwhelming me, for the life I have imagined for myself.

Instead of saying that I want to become fluent in French, I am listening to news in French for 15 minutes, 5 days a week; instead of wanting to be more active and stay healthy, I am going for 30 minutes running in the mornings, 3 days a week; instead of wanting to be a better employee, I am using my best effort to strive for excellence (but not perfection); instead of wanting to become a better digital writer, I am committing myself to take care of my personal little project ¨The Urban Chapter¨ every month this year.

This way, I am focusing on only what is within my control.

And we must learn to rest when we get tired, not quit.

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