The strength of our relationships as the architect of our well-being

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There are people that ask me: ¨how can you always be so joyful?¨ Well, I am not always happy, but I do handle stress very well. As for happiness, the studies say that our genes make up an estimated 40% of this ability, but I intentionally cultivate happiness daily. So, my answer is: practice. Because I do believe that our world is what we make it. I am also convinced that a positive attitude leads to a lot of benefits, like being more successful at work, in life and health.

The reality is that we can´’t be always under good emotions umbrella, but we can create space for them with little habits: one meaningful thing every day for a meaningful life. I am not talking about having a smile on the face all the time, but planting ¨seeds of happiness¨ on which to focus on; they will grow and lead to the amplification of this good vibe.

Every type of relationship is important: with yourself, with family, friends and of course the relationships at work, where we spend a lot of hours every week. Self-date plays a significant role in my life and for each of us looks different. For example, I love running in the park before going to work, listening podcasts in the car on the way to the company I work for and finding a balance in being proactive and just chilling out with my family and friends.

A book that explains very well this form of looking at life is Life Matters: Creating a dynamic balance of work, family, time & money by A. Roger and Rebecca R. Merrill which highlights the importance of providing the energy and time to the different parts of our life that make a worth living at full intensity. Is a book from which I understood that all relationships are important and to maintain their balance we must learn to work on our own personality by educating the inner voice and the way we see things. And giving importance to management in general (time management and the organization of priorities – ¨first things first¨). I make time for self-development because I believe in the power of self-knowledge and I try every day to become a better citizen inside and outside of the organization I belong to.

All studies in the world show that we are happier when we connect socially. Happiness depends on the meaning that each of us give to society. And it consists of connecting with the little things that happen every day. I work in business development, so I am aware that I am part of something bigger than myself. My activity as a professional makes me grow as a person and that is why I am looking for designing work with well-being.

What about love? Does love help us to be better people, to empathize and not to judge? If we talk about a complete love that includes: love for oneself (the self-esteem), love for a partner (they say that love for someone else makes us brave), love for others (to be in harmony with the people in our environment), love of beliefs and love of memories (studies show that a memory can produce biochemical reactions in our body like the action itself that occurred), my answer is YES! “A loving heart is the truest wisdom“—Charles Dickens.

And the strong will? Is happiness influenced by our will? It certainly is because “the strong will is a jewel that can be sold in any market. A person who possesses it goes further in life than an intelligent person, because he/she achieves what he/she sets out to do” (Enrique Rojas).

It is enough to look at something with great interest for it to become interesting. That’s why I choose to focus on positive things.

I write here for myself – for my better version, which I always try to reach with as much knowledge as possible (as Louis Pasteur said that “Chance favors the prepared mind“) mixed with a strong will for my life project in which I put a lot of passion.

I write for people because I like people and I try to cultivate healthy and quality relationships wherever I go, using my voice, the written word or a smile.

Don’t pursue happiness – pursue a lifestyle that leads to happiness!

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  1. Totalmente de acuerdo contigo Ami. Es muy importante cuidar nuestro interior, es lo que nos enriquece y nos hace mejores personas, y desde esa riqueza podemos estar bien con todo lo que nos rodea.
    Muy bonito lo de “sembrar semillas de felicidad”

  2. Tienes toda la razón en tus palabras, todos tendríamos q seguir ese camino, como yo a veces digo “ SONRÍE A LA VIDA “ Enhorabuena 👏🏼👏🏼😃

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